Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

OMG...i love it..i only want to try this series, but I'm hook.
The story and the H/h character is interesting, I'm fall deep to the story and want to know what will be the end of PSY world in the end of this series.

The Story:
The Earth has 3 races.The supernatural being called Psy, Changeling (can change to the animal) and the last is Human, ordinary being without no special ability. The PSY is the race that have big domination in the Earth.

PSY want they race to be the power one and not succumb to madness and have desire to kill each other, so they created SILENCE program, this program make the PSY not feel emotion (anger,sad,happy, etc). This program started in 1969 and the story is about the condition in 2079.

The main story is about the woman PSY that feel the emotion (it's make her the failure in the Psy races) and fall in love with the Changeling.

Based on the psy-changeling love story, it's already make me anxious to read this series because it's like to fall in love with the enemy, and the result not disappoint me.

The Character:
Lucas Hunter, the hero. I love him so much, he is alpha (alpha of Leopard Changeling's pack, DarkRiver), caring, hot, protective and possessive.

Sascha Duncan , a cardinal Psy, strong woman, smart, she is E-PSY, which is why she can feel the emotion and it make she feel like she is failure in the PSY world and she try to control her emotion,but after she now who she is, she is adapt.

The Love Story:
Lucas and Sacha meet when Psy want to make development project with Changeling, and Sacha is representative from PSY and Lucas from the Changeling. From the first time they meet, they already feel the attraction with each other, but Sacha is hold that. After some of meeting with Lucas, the emotion shield Sacha build is crack and she fall in the dreams, where she make love with Lucas (the dream is so HOT), and when she dream, Lucas also dreams the same dream.

Finally they became the true lover in physical not only in dream, but the problem is Sacha is Psy and Lucas is Changeling, they can not to be live together. Sacha only can live in Psy-net, the Changeling mind can not give Sacha the feedback to her mind, so Sacha will be dead if she break with Psy world.

When Sacha break-up with psy-net, she not want to connected with Lucas, because it will make Lucas dry and finally dead together with Sacha, but Lucas use the mate bound to hold Sacha, and they found the changeling web.

I love that Nalini can created the Web for Sacha to live with Changeling after she break the psy-net.

5 star for this book
I definitely will read the next book and hopefully will found Lucas and Sacha as cameo.


  1. I haven't read anything by this author but I've heard a lot about her books. This sounds great! I'm on an adult kick at the moment, so I'll have to keep this in mind. Awesome review. :)

  2. This sounds like an intriguing read. Wow 5 stars, it must be good. Great review. :)