Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review The Vincent Brothers - Abbi Glines

The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #2)

The Vincent Brothers 

Due to i not have read The Vincent Boy, so i do not know how Sawyer character in the first book, but in this story, i really sympathize with him, his girlfriend for long time now fall in love with his brother, and every time he see Ashton and Beau, them do lovey-dovey in-front of him.

The story begin from six months since Sawyer and Ashton break up, but Sawyer still have feeling for Ashton, than came Lana, Ashton's cousin, Lana can be distraction he need to forget Ashton.

Lana, she already love Sawyer since childhood, now is the time she transform her self to be sexy girl to try snatch Sawyer attention for the summer time.

Attraction between Sawyer and Lana is strong, both of them is perfect for each other but Sawyer is so slowly to realize about his feeling to Lana. Sometimes i really want to hammer Sawyer when he hurt Lana feeling. Lana is sweet and nice girl, everybody love her, but because she is nice, sometimes people not aware of her, she never be the number one in everyone mind who she care, and Sawyer also did that to her when Ashton was sick (this is the time when i really want to kick the Sawyer's ass).

I really like when Lana go away from Sawyer, this the moment that make Sawyer realize his feeling for Lana. I love Sawyer because of this scene LOL. I love the ending too, happy ending for everybody

so 4 stars from me for this story. 


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  1. Hi Sweety White,
    I was kind of dissapointed in this sequel even if it's a good one, the first opus was much better and intense.